Your Website Builder and Website Manager

We Do Your Website Work For You

Many small businesses have made us their website builder. Each site is customized. We incorporate logos, photos and content provided by our customers.

We also serve as the website manager for many small businesses that can't afford to hire one. When they want changes made to their website, they simply send those changes to us. We make their website changes for them. And we do it quickly.

WordPress Websites

For those customers that want to make changes themselves we offer websites formatted in WordPress so they can edit them online. We design and build these sites, then turn them over to our customers.

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Website Manager

Content Management

As your website manager, we will update your content for you. You tell us what you want to say. We will edit your message to a clear concise communication piece. When you have a photo you need added, send it to us. We'll edit it and post it for you. When you need artwork created, we can do it for you.

Search Engine Ranking

Many websites get visitors through the search engines. Better search engine ranking will generate more traffic you the site. We provide services to modify and update your website content on a regular basis in a manner that will improve the site's position in the search engine.

Website Hosting

Different websites have different hosting needs. We use some of the most reliable hosting companies in the industry. We set up hosting services on accounts we have with GoDaddy, Host Gator and other well known companies. As a part of hosting we create email accounts for our customers.

Domain Names

We even manage website domain names. They are an important factor in managing Internet services. Many businesses need more that one website and numerous domain names to reach their target audiences. We help our customers determine what domains to buy, what websites to build around them and keep them renewed when required.

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